Why Nokia N70?

Nokia N70 is a popular N-Series SmartPhone from Nokia featuring 3G Video Call, a powerful MP3/AAC/M4A player, an amazing Video Camera that can store videos directly in ultra-compressed MP4 format, a 2-megapixel Digital Camera, a Radio, Microsoft Office, Text and PDF viewers, Image and Video editing capabilities, multi-tasking as in Windows and above all the capability to expand the features by installing Symbian Series 60 (S60) software. It is an excellent cellphone with Bluetooth, Tri-band, GSM/WCDMA support, Picture Messaging and excellent call clarity. It supports screensavers, themes and desktop wallpapers as well as has all the other handheld type features such as calendar, reminder, notes, calculator, converters etc.

While there are heavier and bigger models in the NSeries, the N70 offers the right amount of everything with an excellent form factor. For example one could ask – When you get crystal clear video, photos and text on screen with a 176x208 resolution screen, what do you get extra by having a 320x240 or more resolution other than ending up with more picture/movie size? Or when you could print a 1.3 Megapixel photo with acceptable quality on a 5x7 inch photopaper, why would someone need more than a 2 megapixel camera for the casual photographer? If it is an MP3 player alone that you desire, go for an iPod rater than an N91. If it is a excellent digital camera that you want, go for a good Nikon or Sony digital camera rather than an N80 or a Sony Eriksson K800. The cellphone just can’t get as good as a professional device! If it is a good bit of everything that you want at a size that fits into your palm and cost that fits into your pocket, Nokia N70 is the one for you!

Got a Nokia N70 already? Great! Let us get the best out of it.


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