How to use N70 as a Music Player?

The N70 supports a wide range of audio formats - MP3, AAC, Real Audio, WAV, Nokia Ring Tones, AMR, AMR-WB, AMR-NB, AU, MIDI, MPEG-4 and eAAC+. It comes with a music player that lets you play from playlists, shuffle and play, looping etc. Two formats missing here are WMA & OGG. There are two applications WMAPlus and OGGPlay that can handle the respective formats as well as a wmaogg.sis codec that apparently lets you play both in the supplier music player. WMAPlus is not free. Getting these to work was no easy task and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone at the moment! OGGPlay is a free open source player that claims to be able to play MP3, AAC & MP4/M4A formats apart from the OGG format. Lookout for the future releases. If you wish to store more music files, it might be easier to convert them to the M4A format, which the Nokia PC Suite's Music Manager can do when you choose to Optimize the audio file for the phone.

The earphones supplied along with the N70, while achieving excellent sound reproduction, may not be comfortable for the ears due to the cylindrical construction of the ear plugs. If you have a favourite headphone with a 3.5 mm jack, you can buy a Pop-port to 3.5 mm conversion adaptor from eBay.

N70 does not support the A2DP profile for Bluetooth which would allow you to use a bluetooth stereo headphone. The normal bluetooth headset is supported by some Music Players like the MP3Player from Viking. This allows you to listen to music wirelessly but the sound is much weaker than it would be with the normal headphones. I have tried with a Jabra 250v and it worked fine but decided that the minor inconvenience of the wires was more comfortable.


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