How do I install applications?

Nokia N70 supports two types of installers - SIS files and Java/JAR files. You could think of these as the EXEs in a Windows environment. There are multiple ways to install applications on the Nokia N70. Let us assume you have the machine in your PC. The PC Suite utility that comes with N70 (install from the CD) has an Install Manager that would let you initiate the installation in the PC itself. You will any way require to complete your installation in the phone. The installer generally pops up warning messages relating to security and unavailability of certificates (even Nokia's own software does not escape this) but in most cases you can ignore these provided you are confident of what you are trying to install and it's source.

A better way to install would be to have an Install directory in your memory card and to transfer the SIS or JAR files to this directory. Use FileManager (Menu -> Tools -> File mgr.) to select the respective file (note: you may use the left/right arrow keys to toggle between the phone's and memory cards memory). You can use a utility such as FExplorer but it tends to create duplicate copies of the installation file.

One doubt which crops up often is whether to install it on the phone's memory or in the expandable memory card. This is a bit tricky. The free memory available internal to N70 is close to 22 MB, when unpacking. This is a lot of memory I should say for normal applications. In general, rarely does an install occupy more than one MB unless it is a data-intensive application. Even some of the applications like Tom Tom that requires to store large maps, might have an option to have the data (the map in this case) in your MMC with the actual application in the phone's memory. However, the general tip to follow is that if you have invested in a big enough MMC, try to install applications onto the MMC. There are some applications you should install directly on the phones memory though. These are usually display related ones and players that you would want to work properly even when the MMC card is removed. These include things like themes, screensavers and autokeylock. If you did install a theme on to the removable memory card, the display resets to the default theme when the MMC is removed but wouldn't reset back when you put the memory card back. At all cost avoid storing pure data in the phone's memory. If you want to carry a lot of data (pictures, music files, movies, documents etc.) in multiple memory cards and intend to switch cards to access these you would be better off having the related viewers and players installed in the phone's memory.

Similar to the Add/Remove Programs feature in Windows PCs, an Application Manager comes with the N70 to view and remove installed applications. You can access it at Menu -> Tools -> Manger. To remove an application browse to the application in the Manager's list and hit the Clear (C button at the right bottom) to pop up the confirm dialog for uninstalling.

TIP: If you are trying out free applications, trial software, games etc., uninstall these when you no longer intend to use this or has ceased functioning. It keeps your memory free for useful stuff and improves the performance.


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