How do I create movies for mobile?

The N70 comes with a powerful RealPlayer that can play many of the super compressed movie formats like 3GP, MP4 & RM. Xvid, DivX, WMV and AVI are not supported with the supplied player. The 3GP resolution of 176x144 pixels is just perfect for the N70's screen resolution. If you wish to see the movies always in Landscape mode (choose Play in Full Scr. option when the movie starts playing) you may go for a resolution of 208x176. A one-hour compressed movie in these formats is likely to have size between 50-70 MB only. With a one or two GB card, you can carry several movies to watch them on the move.

While it is possible to find movies and videos on the net in mobile suitable formats like 3GP, these are relatively rare. However with the abundance of software on the Net including freewares and open source converters, it is possible to convert nearly any movie including the unsupported formats mentioned above) into a smaller version for your mobile. You could also think of buying a swiss knife converter like the Imtoo MPEG Encoder which can convert between several audio and video formats.

I describe here a free tool that achieves excellent quality at very less size. The Easy RealMedia Editor (download here) accepts most movie/video formats and outputs RealMedia (RM & RMVB) files. While all the formats output by the editor can be played back on the PC using the free Basic RealPlayer or the amazing MediaPlayer Classic, it needn't necessarily play on the N70. Depending on your preference for quality or file size, you may want to experiment with various settings. Choose RealPlayer 8 as the codec in the settings window of ERMP as higher formats may not work. Keep the bitrate to a constant bitrate of about 150 KBPS. The audio in real format gives excellent quality at 32 Kbps. Choose the frame rate as 25 fps. Smaller frame rates might give acceptable performance as well but if the frames per second is reduced too much, the movie gets a bit jumpy. As described earlier choose to resize (high-quality option checked) to 176x144. Once you have hit upon a right combination, you can save the profile and reload it next time or even choose to make it the default. Conversions usually take time and can be CPU intensive. Best thing would be to queue up all your files in the batch processing window, before you go to bed.

If you want to convert movies one at a time and is happy with popular input formats such as AVI and MOV alone, you can do it easily using the Multimedia Player (View Media option) that is part of the Nokia PC Suite. All you need to do is open the movie to be converted in the player and choose "Save As" from the File menu. You can specify the output size and the format, MP4 or 3GP. For N70, 176x144 should do, but if you want to also view the same file in the PC, use 352x288. In case you have not installed the PC Suite, the Multimedia Player as well as a standalone Multimedia Converter can be downloaded from the Nokia Forum website. You may need to register for free in order to download or to obtain the product key.

You can fast-forward or rewind movies in the Mobile RealPlayer by keeping the up & down keys pressed for a few seconds. If you want to stop watching the movie but resume later, Pause the movie and then hit the Menu button on the phone to get back to the stand-by screen. To get to the movie player again, keep the Menu key pressed for a while, till it displays the various running applications you can switch to.

Tips: You may use the Easy RealMedia Producer (comes with the intall) to combine multiple movies into one. If you like archiving movies in your PC, you can use this tool to compress movies without any perceivable loss of quality, effectively allowing you to store 3-4 times as many movies.


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