Get the best out of your Nokia N70

Nokia N70 is a popular N-Series SmartPhone from Nokia featuring just the right amount of every other mobile device (like radio, camera, camcorder, mp3 player, movie player, PDA and of course a cell phone) with an excellent form factor, i.e., not too bulky.

This site is for the owners and potential owners of Nokia N70 that would help develop appreciation for the amazing device that the N70 is as well as to extract the best out of the phone. Organised as a Cool Nokia N70 FAQ.

Nokia N70

Nokia N70 Reference, Answers & FAQ

  1. Why Nokia N70?
  2. How do I upgrade the memory of an N70?
  3. How do I install applications on an N70?
  4. How do I create movies for the N70 mobile?
  5. Where can I get Free S60 Utilities for the N70?
  6. How to use N70 as a Music Player?
  7. How do I improve N70 battery life?